Chicago condo - marketing office as bedroom, advice?!

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Hi BP!

We are in the process of renovating a 1,028 square foot condo in the South Loop of Chicago!

There is one decent size master bedroom and one tiny 10 x 10 room that looks more like an office. It has a closet and two windows leading outside but also french doors (with glass panels) and a window that looks into the kitchen.

Would this window between "bedroom" and kitchen affect the sale price? Are we better off closing it into a wall?

I wanted to get insight on whether the window subtracts because it creates less privacy in the bedroom or ADDS because it is a more open office. I personally like that it allows for a view outside from the kitchen, but I can see how it feels less like a 2 bedroom and could reduce the sale price.

Thanks in advance for advice!

@Meera Lakhavani -100% you should market it as a bedroom.  You will definitely be able to increase your rent or asking price.  If you have a closet that's all you need and you should definitely close the wall off so it could actually be used as a bedroom.  10'x10' is very common bedroom size in Chicago, although its not ideal it can easily fit a full soze bed with extra room.  

Also, you have to do something different with the french doors....only because they have glass.  Maybe see if you can find new doors with no glass or get a big barn door (so its not a very destructive).  Worst case build out the wall and put in a standard door.

Thanks for your response Jonathan! I guess it is worth the few hundred dollars to close up the window that leads into the kitchen.

One contractor suggested that we could spray a coating to frost the glass on the doors. That may be a low budget option if we end up not replacing them.

It is absolutely a bedroom so long as the exterior window meets legal egress size minimums for your local area and should be marketed as a bedroom. That said, I would also recommend 100% to close off the window which is easy and cheap as well as change out the double doors. You have two options there, buy a pre-hung double door (solid - no glass) set and install or frame in the opening to a standard 32" or 26" wide door providing more wall space in the bedroom as well as the room outside the bedroom!

All of this is easy and inexpensive to amend and will bring the highest value of rent or resale.

I would definitely close off the window, that is weird if using it as a bedroom.  I think the french doors could stay you can frost with decays.  It really depend who buys or rents the apartment.  A couple will probably use it as an office which the french doors are a positive to me.

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