Florida Investor looking for good letter for absentee homeowners!

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Hi,  I'm a real estate broker/house flipper that is new to the Tampa St Pete, FL area.  Does any one out there have any advice as to where I can find a good letter that I can use as a blueprint to send out to absentee homeowners for homes I might want to buy and flip?  I have seen many letters out there but I'm looking for advice on what the letter should contain in order to get the best results/highest chance of absentee homeowner calling me back?  Any advice would be great.  Thanks

@Jeffrey Hayes

You are right, there are a lot of letters out there you could model your letter from. And why not? If you google yellow letters you will see tons of examples. Why re-invent the wheel? Take the pieces you like the best out of the samples and, Ta-daa!!, you have yourself a letter.

When mailing to absentee owners, or any type of potential seller, it really is about getting your name and message out there repeatedly. You want to become the name they think of if and when they are in the situation that they want to sell. In the case of direct mail, it is important to remember that on average it takes a few touches before the potential seller actually picks up the phone and takes action. So planning and budgeting for about 6 months or 6 touches will get you going in the right direction.

Also, don't be afraid to mix up the mail pieces. Postcards, letters, yellow letters, zip letters. Mix it up! Just remember to have your name, contact info, and a call to action included in each piece.

Keep us posted on what you go with. Especially since testing your market is a huge part of starting out, I'd love to hear what you find works for you. Good luck!

@Claire.  Thanks for your advice. I will go on that site and see what I can mix and match from sample letters.  

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