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Hello BP, 

Need some help on the choosing exterior color combination on this house. Repainting the exterior with these SW Repose gray (siding), SW snowbound white(trims) and SW rave red(door) but anyone with experience has some suggestions on whether to use 1 color on siding or paint horizontal and vertical siding with 2 different colors? 

Also any advice on whether to, remove the tree in the front or keep it, trim it and give it a good shape? In spring it will enhance the beauty but it looks ugly right now.

Hi Anuja,

There are a number of simple improvements that can be easily done to create some much-needed curb appeal, beyond just a paint job.

NO! DON'T cut the tree down! It'll soon foliate, it just needs the limb stubs cleaned up. Besides, it has a very sculptural look as it is with leaning trunk.

FIrst, a couple of questions... what's the neighborhood like, your approximate ARV (or rent), and do have a exterior budget?

@Jeff Berg Thanks Jeff.  Its a c class neighborhood, approx arv $120K. Budget for the exterior including Paint and landscape is $2100

Yeah, tree looks pretty sculptural, it just looks little weird as they have cut lots of branches in past. But a good point,  it will foliate.

I would paint the body one color and add shutters to the windows either side of the door and paint them a third accent color such as Dorian Grey or Black Fox. I would also consider eliminating two of the column post and wrapping the remaining two with hardi to give them shape. I would send a couple of pictures of columns we have done but I don’t know how to attach pics :-(

Usually what I tell my customers is to go to the local Sherwin Williams and grab one of their brochures that has the 3 color or 2 color selections already picked and use that. The paint business is a multibillion dollar industry, don't reinvent the wheel, use what their professionals have tested and proved works as a color matchup

Is this a rental or a flip.

For a rental you can spend far less money. Look around the community and copy what appeals to you provided it is kept on the conservative side. There is no reason to go onside of the box. I would add a light pastel colour to the upper section and do the lower section in white. I would carry the same colour pattern into the converted garage on the left end as well. Probably replace the vertical siding on it as well with horizontal and remove the two inner support posts on th efront porch if it is a flip.

As for the tree it is definatly ugly. For a flip I would remove it for a rental it is fine.

Thank you guys.

@katie  Katie, that hardy board thing is making it look grand. Loved the idea.

@Tim Mcbee I agree, that's the best bet. 

@Thomas S. Its a flip property Thomas

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