Popular grey interior paint color for a flip

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I'm just reaching out to see if there are any new/popular greyish tones for interior paint to go in my flip in Michigan. 

I've used Toasty Grey by Behr in the past but looking to try something different! 

Thanks all! 

Drew Denham 

We use Glidden Stone White but color match it to Behr because we like their paint better.

Have used Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams and been happy with it.

@Drew Denham

We used Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams and love it. You can see it in the pictures of our Buy and Hold Rental featured on my profile, it really makes the white trim pop and look fresh. It is the same color in my personal home and I am still obsessed with it 3 years later, we constantly get compliments. 

Repose Gray is good, also a go to color of mine is Agreeable Gray. They use it in new builds as well. Its just a nice neutral gray that goes with just about anything. Then Lt French Gray would be my third choice, this one works great as well.

Happy Painting!

Sherwin William's Agreeable Gray is very popular around here. 

We have been using BM Grey Tint for our flips. It's a cooler grey (not warm like a greige) with blue undertones (purple/red undertones with certain brand paints). The brand of paint we usually use with it is PPG Wonder Pro Eggshell, which looks great. Don't make the mistake of going with WonderTones though, that will give off a purplish undertone . . . don't know why. Anyways, If you are wanting to go with a cooler grey, you can check out Houzz.com for some examples or you can look at some of my past flips.



I will be trying out SW Agreeable Gray and SW Repose Gray on my next two flips though. I think they might be better for houses that call for a warmer tone, especially if the exterior color is warmer.

You have to check out all the sample palettes people put on pinterest - Greige (grey beige) is a warmer approach and popular. 

I will be painting my current flip Rever Pewter from BM (using a Glidden Paint though). It's a greige color that I tested in my own house and liked.

Repose grey by Sherwin Williams, we use it in all our houses, and even in our own home.  With a bright white trim and gray flooring, it looks great.

@Janelle Groenhout I’m debating between those gray and gray cashmere (BM). Do you know if repose is a true grey or has a tinge in another color?

I've used Behr Whitewashed Oak in ten units. every tenant loves it.  

Edgecomb grey from BM with Chantilly lace trim is our go too. Everyone has loved it.

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