GC wanting to be paid 3k per week plus materials

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We have never had a bid like this before.  Sounds shady to me, but thats because I havent seen it and I think it practically begs them to drag the job out.  Anyone have an opinion?

Was the contract written in crayon? Move on. This guy isn't a professional.

$3000 per week flat rate, no matter what they do, or who works the job? I wouldn't sign that contract.

yeah - no.  how is a week defined?  40+ hours, on site with significant progress made each day?  Or the dude who shows up once a week (if you're lucky), pushes a broom around for an hour and leaves.

Anybody bidding a construction job by the week should go back to W-2 work and stop trying to run their own business.  You're not working with a professional here.

@Steven Mitchell NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! I could see 1 time a week. Say the Monday after work has been completed the previous week and you can line item it or just have a list of things to be completed and if 3/4 is done then 3/4 is to be paid. That's what we do at Gear'd at least. Also we handle the materials and invoice you once they are delivered to the job site. So you will get to separate invoices from us, 1 for labor and 1 for materials 

I agree with what everyone else has said. I'll also add, is that materials purchased? Materials on hand?  Best to have a schedule of values and bill against that monthly (or maybe weekly?). 

Thankyou for the response everyone.  That was what I thought but Im always trying to make sure Im not being unreasonable with these guys.  

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