Flipping in Davis County, Utah

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Flipping in Davis County, Utah I'm a newbie to rehabbing houses and I'm in the middle of reading the Book on Flipping Houses. I'm trying to narrow my farm area. I'm a realtor so I have access to the MLS but I'm having a hard time spotting any good deals in this market. I'm thinking of Sunset, Clinton and Clearfield. Anyone finding great deals in these areas? Are you just driving and approaching home owners? Thanks in advance!

@Kimberlee Kennedy MLS 1418807 might be a good deal. It is a short sale so it would take forever. It came on the market a few months back.

Can you buy with cash? 

Thank you! that was actually on my list but I was worried due to short sale... also, looks like offer under review and date keeps getting moved. Yes I'll be able to pay in cash but I'm not quite ready yet. the goal is to start putting offers in by May 1st -I was curious if people we're finding success in these areas.

If you're looking to find more deals, start attending the different REIAs in Utah. There is Northern Utah REIA closest to you, but Salt Lake and Utah REIA both meet SL County and have many investors from Davis Co and north. You can also attend seminars and lunches for even more networking opportunities. You can meet wholesalers and get on their buyer lists. They are the most aggressive at marketing and come up with the most deals. You can also learn how to market yourself to find deals. Salt Lake REIA has a seminar coming up on marketing specifically.

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