Looking for Flips in Las Vegas Area

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Hi , I am an experienced Flipper in Las Vegas area looking for potential deals.  Large cash and large credit line. 

I am also a broker in Vegas but do not want commission.  I just want  the houses..   If you are an agent and have a deal- you get all the commission. 

Let me know if anything comes across your path. 

will pay finders fee etc...

Below is a list of our investment criteria:

Property Type: Condo, Single-Family, Townhomes

Location: All Zip codes except 89030,89101

Purchase Price: Below $400,000

Property Condition: Fixer/rehab- ANY CONDITION

If anything comes to mind, please send me the address and I'll get back to you with a prompt analysis/quick CASH offer... If not, no worries.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Andre McCollough 

Hi @Andre Mccollough ....I would be happy to connect with you to discuss further about what you're looking for.  I run the largest real estate investor meeting in town and work with wholesalers in town.  Let me know your availability and we can schedule time.  Look forward to speaking with you!

Thanks Jon, I appreciate it.  

I am in town every other week but my partner is always there.   I will call you today to discuss what we are looking for and working together. 

thank you

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