Looking for Flips in Las Vegas Area

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Hi , I am an experienced Flipper in Las Vegas area looking for potential deals.  Large cash and large credit line. 

I am also a broker in Vegas but do not want commission.  I just want  the houses..   If you are an agent and have a deal- you get all the commission. 

Let me know if anything comes across your path. 

will pay finders fee etc...

Below is a list of our investment criteria:

Property Type: Condo, Single-Family, Townhomes

Location: All Zip codes except 89030,89101

Purchase Price: Below $400,000

Property Condition: Fixer/rehab- ANY CONDITION

If anything comes to mind, please send me the address and I'll get back to you with a prompt analysis/quick CASH offer... If not, no worries.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Andre McCollough 

Thanks Jon, I appreciate it.  

I am in town every other week but my partner is always there.   I will call you today to discuss what we are looking for and working together. 

thank you

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