If it ain't broke should I or should I not fix it?

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I have a property that was built in 1939 that I purchased nearly 2 years ago. I'm wanting to put new windows in the house and I would like advice from my fellow BPers. First, I'd like to know if you were in my shoes would you put new windows or just keep what's there (original windows)? Second, I've contacted a contractor who has given me a bid of $5500 for double pane single hung windows.  This contractor is asking for 1/2 down and the balance after the job. The payment would be made out to him as well and not directly to whoever his window supplier is.

I got another quote from a Universal Windows who can also do the job for about $6800. With this company I would be allowed to pay a % down & the rest in payments

Either choice would of course cut into the budget. This is my first major purchase for this property so I would like input on the best way to proceed.   Tell me how you would handle this.

What type of clientele are you expecting to attract in this house? If it has the original windows then I'm guessing it is still in need of a lot of updates? If my assumptions are correct then I wouldn't update the windows.

@Derek E. The house currently has a tenant that's been there  since October 2016.   The windows are old and not energy efficient.

@Val J.  

I think a window upgrade would be more energy efficient. More energy efficient = lower utility bills = slightly higher rent. When I use to live in a rental I would have paid more each month for better windows. Depends on the area. I have a window guy that might be able to save you some money. He is putting windows in one of our flips in Arlington. 

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