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I am thinking about purchasing a house in Tucson that would need a remodel.  Looking for information on what you know about cost as I’m from out of the country...

It’s in good shape from 1977 but needs to be reframed insulated and dry walled and then new electrical because right now the whole thing is exposed brick.  Due to that it would also need new windows/doors.

The layout will stay more or less the same however one bedroom will be divided into two and a two new bathrooms will be added adjacent to existing plumbing.  Since it has no basement will need some concrete excavation but probably no more than a few feet where each bathroom is.  I’m not sure how plumbing venting works in these houses.

Likely will also need new furnace and AC.

Will need basic exterior remodel such as stucco over the existing brick .

Finally it will need all the cosmetic stuff done like upgraded kitchen, bathrooms, floors etc.

The house is 2900 sq ft but about 1000 Sq feet of that is the dining room and living room which needs very little done to it.

Any rough ballparks on what I can expect this to cost with high end finishings?

80k, 100k, 150k, 200k, 250?



@Joel Pash Joel, I need to know more details to help you with "Estimated repair cost". See if  you can send me more info.

This is a lot to take on if this is your first flip.  This is a material cost and quantities math problem.   I would have a General Contractor walk the house with you to get some numbers.  If you want to get a rough ballpark throw $50 to $75 a square foot at and then add 25% for contingency.  This does not include your holding cost like utilities and loan payments etc.

thanks guys.  It’s actually not a flip it’s for myself.  It’s my third renovation for myself but in a different t country this time.  The plan would be after doing this one, I would meet some trades etc and start to do some flips.  For a flip I’d be looking for something way more straightforward that’s just cosmetics and then it’s easy.

I was assuming actually 50-75 psf but I wasn’t sure if I should include the rooms in the house that basically just need new floors and paint.

Ari I’ll send you a private message if it’s ok.

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