Would this be a good deal?

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If the numbers are accurate, I would say it's a good deal. There is no way that the 30 day timeframe is accurate.

Heck no man!! WHAT?! NO!!

That roof is bent! You need a new roofing frame. If that part of the house is in such bad shape i bet it needs new furnace water heater, definitely new paint, pressure wash the siding, New windows, doors, hardware refinish the floors assuming the hard wood is in good condition. That is like a 60K rehab man.. but note I am looking at just one picture.. but I really doubt 30K is enough to fix that thing.

I am now rehabbing a 1000 sq ft house and electrical is intct plumbing is intact walls OK just need ceiling sheetrock replaced new floors, new heater, paint new kitchen and bathroom, and it is running me about 50 K.

TINY house!!

@Tanara N Taylor I’m just going off of the one picture but $20K seems really low for the repairs. That overhang is sagging so who knows about the roof quality. It looks like some odd green staining on the siding. So it’s all making me think that the inside looks just as bad...or worse. Have you gone inside? Are you doing the labor yourself and just need material costs?

@Tanara N Taylor , I see a "cautionary tale" in your future - if you proceed...

[But if you do, please don't forget to share that tale here. Thanks.]

Thanx Gentlemen.  I am new to this business and I have no clue what I am doing.  I am really getting discouraged with no help.

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