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Hello, I have seen the creative side of the members within this forum so thought I would try and leverage all of the different ideas that are out there. I’m hoping some people will help me with rendering/modeling exterior paint colors for my house (using some kind of software/app). Whichever model/ideas gets the most votes/likes I will seriously considered for my project. I know I can do this myself but want to see the creativity of others. I have been patiently waiting for the weather to warm up so I can finish the last piece to my flip in the metro Detroit area. Anyways, I will be painting the facia, soffit, front door, wood siding above the garage, and the garage door itself. Also the shutters. ** I’m aware how popular painted brick is .... sorry folks not in the budget! A few things to consider: 1. House is mid 70’s along with the rest of the neighborhood. 2. This is a flip, so please try and be conservative with the colors as this new paint needs to appeal the majority of buyers. 3. If you could also share what software/app/website you used along with exact colors (preferably Sherwin Williams). This will help me when I buy my paint. 4. Again, if this ends up getting good participation / votes, I will consider using your colors/ rendering. 5. Yes, I realize the house is a little ugly. ... lol.

White trim, black shudders and a pop of color in the front door(s). Maybe take the storm doors off (store in the garage for the new owner). I would leave the siding above the garage door house color.

Don't paint brick, once you do its now a bigger maintenance issue.   Add some color.  A nice medium gray, black, maroon/burgundy could work.  Pick a color that works with the roof too.  Hard to tell what color the roof is.  Go to a paint store and get a color fan wheel and look through there and hold up the fan on the house to see what works.  Silver blue may be cool?

a sage green will typically work with that color of roof, but you need to accent it and more than just the door, shutters and trim. Usually you want to paint other sections of the siding in a different color or install vinyl cedar shingle shake at the peaks with an accent color. Usually a brown, certain reds and sometimes a darker version of the green can be used.

In general, greens and blues are hard to do on the exterior without other pops of color.

A light to mid tone grey may also work and generally won't require major accents.

Look on Houzz for ideas.

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to follow up and show what we ended up doing with house. The process certainly has taken a longer on this project. 3 months dealing with eviction + another 3 months waiting for warm weather to complete exterior scope. Anyways, the house is on the market. We have had 30 showings BUT still are waiting for our first offer. Lots of good feedback for the most part. Can't please everyone as you all know!


I will have to upload original photos. It was gross everything 1970's. Nasty carpet/floors, terrible paint in all rooms, popcorn ceilings, trim/doors/hardware all outdated, brutal appliances, ugly light fixtures, bathrooms were rough; garage was a major eyesore, the list goes on and on.

We basically touched all interior surfaces with some sort of upgrade.

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