How important is a dishwasher

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I'm about to start a new rehab on a starter home in an older neighborhood. It is a nice quiet neighborhood. Not a war zone but not really upscale either. the ARV will be $100k.

The house doesn't have a dishwasher. My question is whether I should worry about having one installed. I personally don't know how people make it without a dishwasher, but I also don't know how people live in a 1300 sq ft house with only one full bath either.

So what should I consider before deciding whether to do it or not?

Lot of this will depend on what else is on the market when the home sells. Knowing your market can be very helpful in this respect. Is a dishwasher a common amenity in the area?

The main issue is whether it helps sell the home faster. Doubt that you can get any more value by adding it. In many areas dishwashers are hit and miss and not likely to be a major detractor. I'm sure there are more knowledgeable rehabbers that can relate their experiences though.

If you're doing a full blown rehab and changing out the cabinets then absolutely yes, put a dishwasher in. If you don't, there's a good possibility that many potential buyers won't like the house just because of that, and you'll be unlikely to know the real reason behind why you're not getting offers. The kitchen is where everyone congregates, when an agent is done showing the house they'll stand around in the kitchen and talk about things.

Note - The Kitchen Sneak Attack: because people naturally gather in the kitchen I recommend putting a bowl of candy on the counter. Consumption of sugar releases endorphins into the brain which creates pleasurable feelings. Make people happy when they're in your house!

Depending on whether you'll be using white, black, or stainless appliances and what kind of cabinets, you can actually buy a dishwasher for cheaper than the cabinet that would take its place (especially if you buy it on craigslist).

I bought a hardly used, 1 year old, black dishwasher on craigslist a few months back for $100. I think the 24" cabinets I buy (off the shelf home depot) are easily $50+ more. Considering it's probably a little more for installation in comparison with the cabinet, run a water line, route the drain line, it probably works out to about the same price if you shop around.

I would talk to the realtor you're planning on using to sell the house....ask him/her if a dishwasher is something clients in that area look for. My experience is... It's not going to add value...but it'll drop your property from the list of buyers who want/need a dishwasher.
Also.... it's not a big deal to install a dishwasher...if you have the space and you will be changing your kitchen cabinets....I would do it.

Dishwashers are cheap, and they will make a house easier to sell and a lot easier to rent.

I've put a roll-away into a rental that didn't have room in the cabinets to add a dishwasher. I have no idea how well that would go over in a home for sale.

A buyer would have to really need a cheap house and would have to have no other similar houses available with dishwashers before they would even consider yours.

An even quicker way to have buyers walk away would be to not have laundry hook-ups. Who wants to buy a house and still drag their clothes to the laundromat? Nobody, that's who.

Looks like most are in agreement that you shoudl check with others (agents, etc) and put one in.

Even if the other homes don't have one, do it. It will sell faster, add some value to the home and a decent dishwasher (Fridgidare) costs only $325 at Lowes) and simple to install. Put it in is my advice.