How much do you tip your contractors?

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I pay my carpet contractors 3.50/yd for installation. There is no tip as they are their own companies and work for themselves. 3.50/yd is the industry standard in my area. If you go thru a store they will add their margin on top of that.

Is that where you have to buy the rolls of carpet from Dalton, Ga. etc. and pay freight etc? Tried that several times when remodeling. Took a lot of time and wasn't worth it. Just use a shop that builders use. Turnkey is better and faster.

Dal 99% of carpet companies order there carpet from Dalton. GA. That is the carpet manufacturing capital of the US. My opinion is to buy your carpet from a carpet store, buy builder grade, but get your own installer. You will save about $4/yd. In a 2000sf house that is a saving of about $900 Freight on carpet is added in either way because at some point that carpet had to be shipped to the store.