Exterior Home Design Resources?

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Hi BP,

I am seeking any resources (books, websites, software, etc) to help educate myself on home design and renovations - particularly those focusing on the exterior of homes.

I am a complete newbie  so just looking to get familiar with the lingo and general concepts to help get some ideas on adding curb appeal in future flips

Thanks in advance!

There are a lot of photos on Houzz some with before and after. The architecture 1.0 textbooks might list and describe house styles and roof styles as well as names for all the parts if a house exterior.

Hey @Claire D. , I am happy to BE a resource for you. But first, here's some homework for you - on one sheet (digital or analog) write down:

  • Pull out your comps research and demographics, from this create an ideal customer. there's plenty online to walk you through how to perfectly describe this person in detail. 
  • Think of your top 5 priorities for the exterior (i.e. "create an open and welcoming feel" That priority could help lead to the decision to remove the scruffy border hedges, etc.)
  • and top 5 for the interior
  • Budget for exterior and a picture 
  • Weather conditions locally throughout the year and sun exposure of the house's front

When you do that you will have a clear direction of what your working with and be able to direct your learning and searching. Then pro's like me can best help you achieve those goals within what you're working with