Who is the best to hire for rehabbing?

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Originally posted by @Mark Hall :

General contractor.

 Would be beater if you supported your two word opinion with some reasons behind that opinion.

Back to the question, there is no right or wrong answer here, the real answer is it depends on each individual Investor, their goals, their abilities, their current and future contacts, etc.

A GC is going to be able to do the job for you but a GC is not typically the best choice for using to select finishes, design, or budgeting. A subcontractor will need someone scheduling and watching over them so that must be the Investor or a PM.

Using a GC will typically cost more but less work for you as the Investor to manage. Much of your decision should be based on your business plan. Are you doing just one at a time and perhaps only 2 or 3 rehabs in a year? If so, then you need to decide if you have the time to project manage. If so, hire subs and save money. If you have a 9-5 job, then you certainly can not be in two places ARV once so you will need to hire a project manager who will in turn look over the GC and or subs.

Thank you for the specifics and right now im just doing research for my first deal. But i will eventually strive to be a full time investor. Just trying to have questions answered so when the time comes to hire someone i have knowledge to make a decision

I think it also depends on your scope of work. If you're just doing a cosmetic rehab I would use subs. If you're doing a full gut rehab I would be more inclined to hire a GC.