Out of state investors who flip in Los Angeles area

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BP-what's going on?!

Today my question in aimed at those who are from outside of the greater Los Angeles area- wether a few hours away or thousands of miles away- Do you want or do you flip properties in the greater Los Angeles market and wish you had someone to manage your project because you can't be there because of distance of perhaps because of time constraints? Are there any such services like this in the greater Los Angeles area?


@Jorge Ruiz I am a construction foreman in the film industry by day and a real estate investor by night. I am looking to offer such a service. I have sub contractors in my network that could handle any level of work needed. I have capital to go in on deals as a partner depending on the size needed, but I'm ready to have skin in the game. I am the owner at Trusted Holdings LLC and also have my real estate license which is hung with Pinnacle Estate Properties. I have been looking for a way to pivot from full time studio work to full time real estate work. I purchased my first house in March 2018 and have been slowly rehabbing it myself. I understand the processes involved in construction and real estate and would love to link with people who need these types of services.