Landscaping for a flip....?

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How important is having your landscape when flipping a house? I feel like it’s very easy to spend too much money on making the landscape perfect to catch the buyers attention. Does anyone recommend any plants that are low maintenance and inexpensive to give a nice touch to a home? Btw I’m located in Cleveland Ohio area. THANKS IN ADVANCE:)

If the existing landscaping is overgrown with large bushes and plants, I tear those out and put something back that is clean and simple with a few boxwoods, green arborvitae, and maybe some seasonal flowers to add some color during the listing period.  I typically spend between $300 to $500 on new plantings & mulch.

In Kansas City boxwoods/evergreens look good year round and need very little waterining/maintenance.

Ultimately, you need to think about what your buyers want...The average buyer doesn't want an elaborate landscape that needs constant watering and maintenance.  If the buyer enjoys gardening as a hobby, then they will likely want to plant their own flowers anyway, so there is no need to get carried-away on landscaping.

I'd definitely spend some money cleaning it up, but not dedicate much time or money to it. Probably good to see what is regionally desired. Some areas seem to favor more older growth, some areas seem to desire more new landscaping.

I can’t speak for your area, but here in CA, the front yard is the first thing buyers see and you only get one chance at a first impression, therefore, landscape and hardscape is very important. That said, it does not mean you need to over spend to get the desired effect. Clean, simple, and modern with low maintenance gets it done here.

Depends on what part of the city you're in as well. Some of the suburbs there you'll get your money back on landscaping while others maybe not so much. 

@Ivy Flowers I think Curb appeal is important. Even on just a rental. I would not go overkill though. 

the more expensive the house, the more that goes into it. I was told rule of thumb is 10% of value of the house. 

That advice came from a landscaper though. That would include the install of the the yard itself. 

I believe that to be more true on the burbs, 

I could not imagine putting 5k into a 50k rental landscape. LOL

Hope that helps