Building a home addition, hire a GC or hire subs myself?

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Hello and thank you in advance,

New to the website! I recently purchased a house where I plan on adding a home addition. This is my first time building a new structure so I asked a GC to help. The request for the GC was to build the structure (roughly 500 sq ft), or "dry in" the space - then I would take it from there and hire my own subs for the mechanical. The bid I'm getting to dry in the space is far more expensive than I anticipated. I'm currently in the process of getting more bids but if they are in the same ball park it looks like I may lose money on the project. 

At this point, I'm considering taking on the "dry in" portion myself by hiring subs to complete the foundation, framing, roof, etc. For me, this isn't a question of if it's worth it or not because I recently left my 9 to 5 to pursue this full time... so I have the time to work on it and the rest of my capital is tied up. The real question is if this is do-able. I'm admittedly not a professional builder but eager to learn. Also, I've had some trouble in my very brief research on how to find a good foundation company, framing, etc. so this part worries me too.

Any advice is appreciated!

I think go for it. 
The only concern I have is being licensed to do that, like when applying for permits that may not let you pull them being only the homeowner, every city is different. But after 10k in Alabama, the city won't let you pull your own permit. 

Also make sure you get lien releases and builders risk policy, to CYA. 

If you have the time to babysit then I say go for it, you should be ready to hire and turn around and fire as building a new sublist is hard, this market has everyone running and getting good subs to work with someone new will be hard. If you have a builder that you felt good with, ask him what it would take to have his rubber stamp the job and use his subs, but let you handle the subs and all aspects of the job. Worst he can say is no, offer him 500 bucks and see what he says.