Drafting Plans for New Construction

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Hi all,

I am working to secure a land deal and then am going to develop it.  I need help drafting the plan for one of the structures that will be on the property and am looking for an architect or engineer that would be able to assist.  Right now, I would like to do a rough first  draft that I could take to the township supervisor and just get a yes/no on whether I would be allowed to build the structures that I want.  These drafts do not need to be "official" just quick sketches.  I have a few ideas that that I have hand drawn but need someone that could do a computer drawn sketch.



@Wilson Bunton While I am not a licensed engineer or architect, I do a fair amount of work in AutoCAD and Revit to create sketches and construction mark-ups in my day job. If you would like me to help you develop some early, unofficial drawings feel free to send me a PM.

You need to start with figuring out what your restrictions are. Zoning / set back / parking / building height / allowable use. Then you can start laying out a building. Perhaps you have already done this. If you start drawing first without knowing what lines you can color in you may be wasting time / money. This information is fairly easy to find on your local city / county web site.