Interior door replacement cost?

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Hey all! What on average is everyone paying for labor to have interior doors replaced? (tear out, and install with a new pre-hung unit)

I just got a quote, and I feel that it may be a bit on the high side, so I would like to hear some other opinions on the labor costs.

I understand this can be a regional thing. I am located in Wisconsin, and was just quoted roughly $200 per door for labor. Is this fair?


Are they painting them before they're installed, after they're installed or not at all? Do the units already have the trim installed? Are they ordered to fit the openings exactly? $200 is fine if that is with full trim installed and painted IMO 

Thanks everyone.

That price of $200 per door is with them not doing any painting at all, but installing all new trim. I don't think they are going to be ordered to fit exactly. They are just going to be a standard off the shelf size, and then be shimmed to fit the opening. Looks like a pretty standard install to me. 

He did say if I took all the old doors out ahead of time for him he would install them for $100 per door, but then the trim work would be extra. 

I usually pay about $100 per door for installation of a pre-hung door which comes w/ the door trim.  This also includes installing the door hardware, but does not include removal of the existing door, custom trim or painting.

@Cody Timmers

So the floor guys are also going to shaft you into next Tuesday for trim carpentry, OK, I get it.

$200 for labor alone is too pricey. I'm pretty sure you can find someone in the $150 range.

@Caleb Heimsoth

Where'd you get your numbers, down to the fifty cents? And is this for prehung or slab in whatever reference you're using? Or is $192.50 what you paid the last time you had doors replaced?

@Cody Timmers

No Cody. For materials price + labor, door + trim installation. $200 for labor alone for the kind of installation you've described really is too high.

A significant part of this is that the floor guys are coming in afterwards -- right now there's just a subfloor. The trim for the door is therefore simpler because the bottom ends don't have to be perfect. The floor guys are just going to come along and undercut all the door jambs anyway to put any sort of hard-surface flooring.

There is an exception to this in my book. Are these doors and trim stain-grade or paint-grade? If this is all stained wood, the installer will need a higher degree of skill and care doing the trim job, and then $200 for the labor alone is fair.

@Jim K. That’s just to buy and install a door. There’s a slight PM mark up in there hence the 50 cents. Actual cost of door and installation minus that markup would be 175

@Jim K.

Ok, got it. Thanks Jim, I thought that seemed a bit high, I will try my other contractor, and see how he prices it. 

These are just raw, unfinished wood doors. I would be doing the staining/painting of them myself. 

Thanks everyone else for the good input. Very helpful

Price sounds fair if he removing old door and hauling away too.  I would expectcost of 150-200.  Can always do yourself to save money.  Do you have other work needs done that maybe you can package up together get a better price by giving contractor more work to do. 

Hi Cody,

I hope you're not replacing original vintage doors in an old house with a modern incompatible design that will never look right. 

If your existing doors are just in need of stripping, consider having them "cold" dipped or soda blasted to remove all paint and/or finishes. You might be pleasantly surprised what's underneath, you won't ruin the vintage look of the house, plus it'll save you money and be lot easier.

Also depends on how many door there is, only 1 door, expensive, if you’re doing 10 doors, half to quarter the price. Two guys can install 5-6 doors in one day, while 1 door they lose half the day going from one site to another, if next site is too far, they’re looking into losing the whole day. Average door guy is about 300 a day and labor at 200 a day, half a day is about 250. Then again i’m in los angeles where traffic is 1 hour delay in going to your site and 1 hour delay to the next. They lose 2 hrs just windshield time (driving). Guess you could shave off 50-70/day or so on their rate if they are unlicensed individuals and you pay cash.

I had started a garage door repair sun city service in Los Angeles. There I charged $200 for one door repairing. It varies upon the door to door that how much it needs repairing.

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$ 200 a door is only high if you cant find somebody to do it cheaper . This is spring EVERYBODY is getting work done . Covid has made it worse because everybody else wants work done . Contractors are slammed , and finding good employees is difficult .