previous owners were heavy smokers...

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looking at a BRRRR opportunity where previous owners were smokers inside the house for 15 years. whats the best way to deodorize? house was recently painted (poorly) inside and still stinks of smoking. help?

Kilz !!!!!!   this has been used on many of my projects. Be careful tough, its very strong and you can get quiet dizzy.  have the rooms well vented and take breaks to get fresh air and water...... many times I feel light headed afterwords .

good luck

What @Alex Young said. Also, My painters tried a scenting additive from Sherwin Williams to the paint they recently used on a rehab I was doing that smelled of cigarette smoke.  Seemed to work and I've had no complaints from the new residents.

+1 on the Kilz. Paint everything with Kilz original. It’s the only thing I’ve used that consistently works for any stains and smells, don’t bother wasting money trying any of the water based stuff that promises to do the same, as Alex said make sure to be well ventilated and wear an approved mask! Best of luck