Do you put washer/dryer and refrigerators in your flips?

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I watch the other flippers in my market and it seems like fridges and washer/dryers are not always standard equipment. When selling a house, we have always included all the appliances to make it as move in ready as possible. If I completely rehab a home, I would guess that my buyer doesn't want to move their old appliances in anyways. Do you think there is a ROI on these appliances? It costs about $1,000 for a nice fridge and $600 to $1000 for a washer dryer set.

Never have, never will. Most come with their own and it saves you time and money to not install. If it's a higher-end home I will put in an expensive fridge. One of those big double open ones.

I would include a fridge to match the rest of the kitchen appliances.   The w/d... I would tend to leave out.  What are others doing in your area? Most people have a w/d.

I'm sure it depends very much on the area.  I personally would put in a fridge because the kitchen is typically one of the biggest selling points in a home.  If you have a missing kitchen, it hurts the overall appeal in my opinion.

I probably wouldn't put in a washer/dryer myself because it is usually hidden away somewhere and isn't a huge selling point of a property.

Hi @Joshua Top , I have never added a washer dryer. I have left some for the new owners if they are in good shape. I would not add the expense as most people already have a set. I may consider it if it were a starter home targeting people coming out of a renting situation. It may sweeten a deal, but I don't think it would be worth the return. 

I also use to include all appliances (Fridge, dishwasher, microwave, range), but I usually do not include a refrigerator any more. I have had people purchase the property with the fridge only to turn around and want to sell or return it for something else. 

My view, is that I use it a bargaining chip. If the buyer wants me to include one, I can get one cheap enough and I usually have that budgeted as part of my selling costs. They may want 5 things, and I can counter with "OK, if you really want a fridge to make the deal work, then I will purchase and install one, but I cannot do the other 5 things if I do that." 

Every market may be different, that is just how I have handled it and it seems to work well for me. 

Best of luck!

Depends on the price point and budget constraints, but above $500K that's definitely on the list precisely for the reasons stated.  Although W/D don't necessarily sell homes the same way kitchens do, they are another strong signal that helps move the sale along in the right direction, especially if your competition isn't offering them.

I'd pretty much refuse to list a house without a fridge.

Thanks to everyone for their insight.  We have decided to skip the washer & dryer on the next 2 flips.  We will still install fridges.  If the buyers of these two don't make any comment on the washer & dryer, then we will try the next one without a fridge as well.  These are houses in the $300k price range, which ends up being a lot of first-time buyers in our market.

I have only actually sold one flip, but I have two in process and plan on doing the same thing. NO washer dryer. in my area they're all in the basement and it's just $1000 wasted tbh. 

What I do is have my local appliance company deliver and install a 4 piece suite, and then place in my listing that the appliances can be included on negotiation. I get a much lower contractor price and put nice desirable stuff in. My plan is that if they offer over asking, I include them, if they offer below, I ask if they would like to pay the list price for the units, and if not, return them for the $199 restocking fee. 

Point is, I don't want to just give them away, but they don't effect the appraisal of the home, and right now places not appraising is a huge issue... so I want to still have a way of cashing out if we have to drop the price a little. 

We always include a refrigerator as we purchase all new kitchen appliances.  We have never provided a washer and dryer as I agree with the previous comments that most people come with their own.