Latest flip is definitely NOT a lipstick flip!

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To say the least our latest flip is not a light one!  The location on the river in a desirable area is what allows us to do this large of a project.  Put this house 1 block away off the river and it wouldn't make sense.  Basically, we are printing money by adding square footage.  We did another house a few blocks away on the river and it sold for 515K at 1500 sq. ft.  This house will be about 2300 sq. ft one level.

Purchase Price $300K

Construction Budget $200K

Sale Price Goal $699K

@Aaron Farr I used to work in Wenatchee and I am interested in your flip. Is this house a complete tear down to the studs or more cosmetic? I am currently doing my first flip, do you have any suggestions for 1st time flipping? How often do you have to visit the job site to ensure project is on schedule? Do you sign any contractor agreements with scope of work? Thanks

Cool project!

Did you get a bank loan for this?  If you did, did you have to tell them?  'BTW, that collateral you have- I am going to strip and transform it beginning tomorrow.'  LOL

Will your project end at a good time to hit the market?  I guess Feb, March isn't the worst time.

Are you in the contractor business?  Maybe part of 'we' is a partner that builds?  I like what you're doing.   Looks more feasible than popping the top and building up.  If I had a team in place I could probably do this to some little orchard houses along the river.  Build out and flip. I like it! 

Congrats and please keep us posted when finished!