Your rehab budgets compared to this site's estimates by zip code?

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So in researching rehabs I found this site, which claims to give ranges for various work and jobs by zip code. I'm just curious how accurate it is compared to what you all have experienced. You can estimate a specific job, like replacing carpet, or a project, like a bathroom or kitchen rehab.

Here is the site.

If it's in the ballpark, then it seems like it could be a useful tool as you're getting started and looking to run numbers to make offers before you have a lot of deals and experience under your belt.

Wow!  If those costs were accurate, I would stop flipping houses and become a contractor as they would be the only ones making any money 

No experienced flipper pays anywhere close to those prices 

$1.50-2.79 sq ft to PAINT siding??

3000sq ft of siding is standard in my area, so they're saying that just to paint the siding, it should be $4500-$8300, before you even talk about trim and windows? 

The last house cost me $380 in paint and $1000 in labor. I like my numbers better. 

These numbers are not at all accurate, at lest for my market. For example, calling for about 3k to hang drywall in an 1800sqft house. The actual number is about 18K.

Strange. I got what seemed to be reasonable numbers. I checked to paint a 2000sf house and it was $2200-4500. That seems in the ballpark. Nowhere near $25k!. To completely redo a bathroom I got $5300.  Again, in the ballpark at least. 

But it seems not everyone got reasonable numbers. Oh well.

Just a quick glance, they have carpet ranging from $4 to $6/sf...I'm sure most people here are paying half that at $2/sf or less.

Remember, it's always best to just call local contractors if you want accurate pricing...

Some of their costs are absurdly low, rest are absurdly high. They claim only $10-$15/sqft to fabricate and install granite countertops but $5/sqft to install laminate flooring.

The website is total nonsense.