How to get my first rental property?

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@Rapheal Shepherd This is sort of a loaded question. A great deal really can mean anything, its all about perspective. A good investment could be a home that has been recently rehabbed, is turnkey, is located in an A-class area, and rents out at a 2% cashflow. Another "great deal" could be adding value to a house, cashing out all your money AND making 2% cash flow. These perspectives on finding a good deal can be better assessed from other like minded investors in your local market. Going to a real estate social in your area would be a great step in understanding what metrics meet the criteria around you. Best of luck

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How do I know I found a great deal on property being a first time buyer ?

 Hook up with a Realtor who works for an outfit that also does Property Management. Those types of Realtors are typically much more in the know on investments then your normal owner occupied agent.