Match neighborhood colors or stand out?

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I'm about to pick siding color for my 1st rehab, and I'm wondering... All of the duplexes in the neighborhood are white vinyl. I know white is the cheapest. However, should I try and match the neighborhood, or should I pick something different? Is "standing out" or "blending in" better? Any advise or stories from experience is much appreciated.

@Mike Williams Disclosure I don’t have the experience to give an educated answer but... Are you going to rent it out or sell it? If renting then I’d venture to go more affordable as a renter won’t likely care about siding color. If you’re planning to sell then curb appeal and standing out makes sense.

Well, if you can stand out without being a sore thumb then stand out. Everybody wants to own the "cute" home or for that matter a recognizable home so long it's not because it's ugly. Psychology is huge in this business. If there's another rental or 2, 3 on the same street and they all look the same or very similar, why would somebody want to see yours over one that's $100 less a month? Especially if you plan to have a fresh interior anyway, sell the whole package. 

We just repainted an old farm house. Was all white, we turned it into a two tone with grey siding and white trim. I'm telling you, that one change added 5-10% to the property because it pops now and has tons of charm. 

@Derek Tellier - thx for the reply. I plan on keeping it and renting it. Attempting the BRRRR strategy on this one. @David Smit - Wow! That did make a great difference! Thank you for sharing the photos. Y’all rock! Thx for taking the time to reply.

I might brighten it up a little, but don't do anything to out there. You want to stand out a bit, but not be a sore thumb.

Is the neighborhood up and coming? Or about to turn? I think its wise to always add value to a property and small things like increasing the curb appeal can help you attract a higher quality tenant.