Affordable House Flip - What is a good carpet?

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Have a ARV $100k house that needs carpet in the bedrooms. What is a good affordable option?

Most of the BP posts focus on the rental strategy (i.e. go with vinyl plank for durability), however, we just need this one to present well. 

I have looked at the Thoroughbred II at HD ($0.88/sf), but do not want to install and it ends up looking TOO cheap / terrible.

I am thinking along the lines of new-build apartments / builder grade equivalent carpet?

Thank you for your guidance!

@Daniel E. Just curious, why do you want carpet so badly? Is it more desirable in your market? In my market, tile and nice vinyl plank are more desirable for that price range... Sorry to not answer your question. I don't ever buy carpet for investments so I don't know my carpets well.

@Daniel E. Find a commercial/professional floor supplier in your area. They often work with investors and will have the best prices. When I needed carpet, I asked my flipper friends who connected me with mcswain pro. I was able to get good carpet installed for $1.40 ish per foot. Similar carpet at Depot was $2.50 a foot.

Appreciate the responses. 

I agree vinyl plank / tile sounds great, but quotes are coming in $3-5k higher than carpet (which is already a $5k expense). On an affordable flip the economics are not there, especially for this market.

It would be great to find a local guy, but we are out of state and it's very tough to know the quality of the material from a phone call. Therefore, we are trying to make Home Depot / lowes work. 

Does anyone have a Home Depot / lowes recommendation?

How large is his house? $5000 for bedroom carpet or $8-10,000 for vynil plank? I could have hardwood installed in an entire house for $10,000 in the expensive northeast. Have you gone to HD or a carpet store and asked this question?

The big box stores quality of installations depends on their contractors and varies by location. I have had great and not so great installs. Try to find someone in the area that has used them and ask about their contractors. If you choose Lowe's find one of their 10% off coupons, it can be applied to flooring. I think Home Depot still accepts Lowe's coupons too. The big box stores are very competitive with each other and lately they have been offering free installation including stairs. Good luck.

I drove around to all the local carpet stores and then I found one that buys discontinued carpets in bulk and stores the giant rolls in the back in stacks. He measured the house and then walked me through and told me the price, all in, to do the house in any of the ones I liked. I was able to get a good quality carpet and pad for the price of home depot crap. Runs between $2.10-2.50/sq ft installed. 

Just a suggestion... keep turning over stones and you might find a worm

Something does not sound right, carpet for 3 or 4 bedrooms for a flip with an ARV of 100K should not cost more

than about $1300 including pad and installation.  I pay between $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot. actually I think I am

giving the farm away when I order the one that runs about $2.00 per foot, just my 2 cent's.