Security Cameras for Rehabs

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Hello Everyone - 

I am primarily a buy-rehab-hold for cash flow investor but I do 1 or 2 flips a year as well.  Often I am juggling multiple projects at the same time.  Fortunately I have never had a break in or theft at a property I was working on.  I do have a big problem, however, with people coming in the middle of the night and dumping their trash in my dumpsters (usually construction debris, but not always).  I have set up trail cams before but I never get a good picture of a vehicle, license plate, face, etc.

I'm really looking for a wireless camera(s) that I can set up temporarily (for a few days to a couple of weeks) at a property that will take and send photos to my phone and/or record video.  I did quite a bit of digging online but the options are overwhelming.  I would appreciate any recommendations from those of you who use cameras for security purposes.  Thanks in advance!

@Aaron Lands

You've probably already done this but consider putting up signs.

Consider also putting very visible fake cameras to save the money on the camera options.

We have used a solution called SWAN smart camera (Menards product) which has motion activation and you get about 1, maybe 2 weeks of use on the batteries.  The batteries are the main reason we don't use in force.....  But if I know I have a 'high risk' time during a project, or for instance if we're leaving, they work well.

Ties into your smart phone with an app so you can get a notification if something's up.

I'm in the same boat with the trail cameras.....  Better than nothing but when we've had instances...  They haven't been the most helpful.

As Jim said, I would always recommend yard signs, and fairly visible ones, maybe a yard sign as well as a sign that tapes to the door. We've always used Simplisafe, and we find their service to usually be the cheapest between them and other companies like Koorsen, ADT, etc. 

Eufy Anker Security Cameras are pretty good.  It may not be necessary however their shoe size camera can go on for about 1 year before battery needs charging.  Lower tier models would be 3 months.  Night camera is good but getting license plates does require high end cameras that are in the 4K recording.  Note that the higher quality lens/cameras will record 'deeper' and getting small details the size of a book requires higher end cameras.  Unfortunately most of the systems require internet signal/ electricity to power the router/modem.