Cost to redo shower, check this out.

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Seems OK. How many days labor for how many workers? A good carpenter or tile setter is easy 250/day around me. You're looking at about 70 sq ft of wall tile and who knows how much floor tile. Probably new fixtures as well. New vanity?

Max its about 80sf of tile installed on the shower walls, just one guy I believe, and 2-3 days. no new vanity just shower, I will have to provide new fixtures and shower door. This is just Demo, install tile, and materials besides tile for 2500.00.

@Dan Wells A GOOD tile guys is one of the hardest tradesmen to find and keep. You mentioned how busy everyone is, well it’s supply and demand. They have the pick of the jobs they want. They want the big jobs that pay the for the best. I hate how much everyone on the boards and podcasts complain about finding good contractors but then ALWAYS complain about price, you get what you pay for. You never hear that complaint about a lawyer, strange. Im not saying that $2500 is a good or bad price, thats impossible from the info on here, but it’s not out of this world if the guy is good.

What are people's thoughts to this quote I received this morning:

90 sq ft shower wall tile removal/install, 60 sq ft floor tile removal/install, new toilet and new vanity total labor $2400. 

We buy materials, pay 400.00 for labor to installed tile surround on a tub, tub to ceilings with accent band. 

Same for shower if we do fiberglass base.

If installing tile base, depends a lot on the complexity, can easily add another 5+ 

Most of the good guys are charging 700 in our areas for this, but will do these on the side. 

If its a two day project and 500 per per day, that's 1,000.

There are a lot of variable, if contractor has to meet with you couple times to review design plan, pick up materials etc... 2500 may be reasonable. 

Our guys come in materisls are there and they ready to roll. 

I've recently had problems with my personal home's master shower (Phoenix area).  After 2 quotes to fix at $8, I jumped on the 3rd quote of $6k.  If you have one of those cool shower inserts like you see at Home Depot all is great and cheap, if you have tile and cultured marble and the like the price skyrockets quickly.