HVAC Advice & Dealing with First Choice Home Warranty

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Hi, we had our HVAC go out just a few days before finishing our rental. The warranty company denied our claim because they said corrosion in the coil caused leakage which isn’t covered. They didn’t mention anything about the compressor unit outside however we do know they are both 17 years old. We got a quote from our AC guy and he gave us a few options. What do u guys think? (The house is 2 bed 1 bath, planning on keeping for 5 years before demolishing). It was suggested we use a wireless thermostat bc our current one is in the master bedroom only and he said to rewire to the main living area would be costly. No easy access point to attic. Here are options including install- 1/ used good condition 3 year old Air handler never opened, 8 year old used compressor, wireless thermostat - $2400 2/ $2700 for 3 year old air handler never opened, 1 year old used compressor, wireless thermostat 3/ 3 year old air handler & wireless thermostat - $1700 4/ we supply units - he installs them for 1300 5/ everything brand new with warranty and install for $4200 Thank you.
@Shahdan Calcuttawalla Shahdan, I would talk to another HVAC contractor. I would always buy new equipment to ensure you have your warranties. Also, it sounds like this guy is just trying to offload inventory, I would tell him you want he equipment sized properly. He can do this by doin a manual J or heat load calculation. Worst thing you could do is pay $2000-3000 and it go out in a couple years and be back to square one. I do Sales for a local company in Utah. If you need help with anything, let me know.
@Shahdan Calcuttawalla The hvac guy I use has installed 2 used outdoor units and one used system for me. All 3 are r22: but no leaks yet and have worked out fine...probably all at least 4 years with me now. Have had one blown capacitor this year. The newer units on my residence are the newer freon and came with 10year warranties, so there is that.