Any Pennsylvania Investors?

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While investing in PA and looking for a deal... what is the range of down payment you may put down? And if so then I assume you will just finance the rest? And then find a lender or investor to pay for the rehab? Thanks guys
@Darren Nardo We sometimes buy the property with our own cash and use private money for the rehab. Bank financing takes too long. Alternatively you can use private or hard money for both the purchase and the rehab but you’ll most likely need to have skin in the game and put down 20-30%. You can use friends and family to raise the down payment in exchange for a good interest rate on their money then use a PL or HML for the remainder. You’ll still need to have adequate reserves to show that you can make the monthly payments. I’d suggest reading or listening to ALL of the BP books that are available to learn more about different and creative strategies. Good luck!
@Josh Parra I have purchased 4 books and listen to podcasts daily... but I can’t ask a book or podcast a question so I post in here whether I know the answer or not. I have the funds myself for 20-30% no problem. I’m just trying to better understand the lay out of a deal. Thank you brother