Does anyone know if Houston is good for fix and flip?

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I’m a Houston Firefighter looking to get started with flip and fixing. I moved to Houston 5 years ago from Queens NY. I was a residential and Union carpenter up there for around 15 years. I have my own Carpentry business in houston as well. I can offer my skills in exchange for experience in my market. How do I find someone who is willing? Is there a good market for fix and flip properties?

All markets are good for fix n flips if you know where or how to get leads. The best days on the market I have ever seen came from Bedford Texas but many I talk to haven't heard of it. My agent listed a deal at 2pm, 5 it was sold. Days on the market only a few days. Most dnt know how or where to get deals, therefore, say no deals.

As far as willing to work with you try your local realestate networking groups. Houston has alot. Just go to meetup or Google realestate groups. Several in same area.

Thanks for the input. I’m going to start driving around some areas to get a feel for the neighborhoods. My next step will be networking. I’ll just keep on educating myself and looking.

@Michael Roesch Welcome to Houston Michael. There a deals out there however you need to find the right deal. I would say Spring and Katy are good areas for flip. I have noticed more and more inventory being available while prices are still high. I would advise you to get your self introduced to as many wholesalers, real estate agents, and investors you never know where the deal will come from. Join the 713 real estate investors on Facebook. Also there is a good meeting called "the real deal" onec every month. Also send me pm we can have coffee. You never know. All the best.

Don't forget about the calculators here on

Plug the numbers in and it'll analyze the deal quickly, as well as break it down for you. You can print the data sheet and take it to a lender. It looks very professional and can help!

It could save you some time with trying to find good deals.

Just a tip!

That be awesome if you could spare some time to get coffee. I’ll look into the 713 Facebook and the real deal meetings. I have someone looking to join me with investing. We meet with a friends RE agent and I think they got a little discouraged with the info they received. Maybe it was a reality check that this isn’t easy, but I’m still motivated to find deals and make it work.

@Michael Roesch I'm in Katy and there are deals to be had. We've flipped 6 this year in Katy. Competition finding deals is getting a little tougher I've noticed but they are still out there. My husband handles the majority of the contracting side of our business and I know he is always on the hunt for skilled tradesman. I could get you two connected and see if we'd be a good fit in working together.  

@Michael Roesch First question? Are you a Yankee fan? Red Sox out in front by a mile and it's Mid-August. Have you jumped on the Astro's bandwagon yet? They are the real deal. If you like beisbol, you gotta love this team.

I'm a transplanted New Englander [28 years], You may have landed in THE BEST Real Estate Market in the world!

Thank you for your service ;-)

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@Derrick Burtle Have you used a calculator for a deal on here? Would love to know how accurate they are.

I feel that its pretty accurate. Others should be able to chime in as well on the calculators.