5th kitchen & bath in 12 months

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Did some rehab on an old kitchen in a Cape we bought.

Cabinets $3900, Granite $1759, porcelein Tile .93 cents/sq ft. Added a pantry & replaced 32" back door with new 36" door ($156).

Bath was also rehabbed with another 1/2 bath added. $2,000 in materials but we did all the work ourselves. 

Original 5x7 bath was so disgusting the wife refused to take pics.

Looks great! I respect some good work on remodeling kitchens! That is one area I have not tackled yet. Not sure I will ever do that work myself. 

@Karl Krauskopf prices are for materials only as we installed the cabinets, plumbing, electrical, sink ourselves. Granite was installed by vendor. We also did all the tile (floor & backsplash), new drywall. I also put in the engineered LVL beams to open the old curved wall. My live-in property maintenance guy assisted a lot. I also installed a 1/2 bath upstairs inside an old closet between the 2 bedrooms as most Capes do not have an upper bathroom. That 1/2 bath was a logistical feat given the need to run all plumbing, plumbing venting & heat vent runs.

@Natalie Schanne  the darker wood look 'tile' in front of the island is a commercial vinyl product (from Lowes) that we had to glue down on a subfloor because of the original floor condition. Can't remember the color or brand as it was a SOR. The larger 18x18 kitchen porcelain tile was something we picked up cheap (if we took the skid),  but it didn't have any product information on it (Made in Italy). We had so much we tiled the entrance foyer, a 1/2 bath & rear mudroom & still have 30 pieces left.