Electrician in Minneapolis

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Can someone recommend a good electrician in Minneapolis? They need to be licensed and insured. I am finishing my basement and need additional outlets, fixtures and se grounding. Thanks, Josh

@Josh Cook  I had lots of good recommendations for Signature Electric and that's who I ended up going with for some work on my personal house.  I must say I'm a bit disappointed.  Two circuits that were previously working before they came and did their work stopped working.  They charged to come back and fix, and one still isn't working.  I will be calling them when they open tomorrow.   Again I got recommendations from BP members as well as on Nextdoor in my neighborhood for Signature electric.  I must say they were very prompt to schedule and arrived on time, cleaned up after themselves and charged a decent rate compared to some.  But my experience was not the best.  

I use Erickson Plumbing/Electric, they do top notch work and are a lot cheaper than most of the other large shops in town.  They aren't as cheap as a lot of the standalone electricians out there but they actually show up and do the work when they are supposed to.  That's worth a lot to me :)

Their website is  ihearterickson.com

Hey @Josh Cook , I'm probably a little late to the party, but I've been really happy with Skyline Electric. I've had them do panel replacements, pull new circuits, install recessed lighting, etc. They're very competitive on pricing, do really good work, and are always on time and professional. And don't worry, I'm not related to the owner (last name Lee).

Thanks, @Brooks Johnson , @Joseph Lee , and @Isaac Braun

@Isaac Braun I would also be interested if they fix it and what the outcome is. The fact that they charged you to come back and fix something that wasn't broken before they did their work and then one is still not working is poor service and workmanship in my opinion. 

@Tim Swierczek @Josh Cook . Sorry for the slow reply, I’m in Europe on vacation currently.  I was very unimpressed with how signature handled my request. I had a working GCFI in my bathroom and after they completed the work, the GFCI had a green light on so I assumed it was working, but about a week later I tried to plug a shaver in and it didn’t charge, so I plugged my outlet tester in and it showed nothing, reset the outlet a couple times and it immediately triped. So I had signature come back to fix it. They charged me 65 dollar trip fee, 45 minutes of time and 23 dollars for a new GFCI.  I am unimpressed and will not be using them again.