I need help finding best parts of Orlando for flips

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Hi, I'm am investor/broker in the Tampa St Pete area.  I'm looking to extend my house flip search area out to the Orlando area as I have been making full price cash offers over the list price and still have been outbid for some of my prospective flip projects.  The market here in Pinellas county is an unbelievable sellers market!  Since my mls extends all the way east to Volusia County and it also includes the Orlando area I'm willing to start looking for homes in Orlando.  I'm looking to not spend more than about $175,000 before repaired on 3/2, 2/2,  sfr homes located in safe areas where I don't have to worry about my projects being vandalized/broken into.  Any ideas on which part of the Orlando metro area are ripe for finding a good deal?  I could even go up to Deland.  Thanks,  Jeff

Deland and Deltona areas may have more options, but chk around baldwin/virginia, delaney, sodo... and Seminole co may be worth searching (Sanford down to Maitland). Investors commonly offering above ask here too. 

@Jeffrey Hayes Hey Jeffrey, Based on conversations I’ve had with wholesalers and investors recently, I know the 32805, 32808, and 32811 areas have experienced HUGE appreciation rates over the past year (25%+ increase in median sales price since 2017). That being said, I personally don’t like those areas of town. Pine Hills and Orlovista are traditionally the rougher areas of Orlando. It all depends on what your priorities are though and who you plan on selling to. Personally, I really really like what the Winter Garden and Ocoee areas have going on right now (34787 and 34761). Those areas are growing like crazy and they’re pretty nice. I’m new to the Real Estate Investing game, but I’ve lived in Orlando my whole life. And, I’m actually really interested in SFR flipping and BRRRR. So, if you need a guy to drive by some properties and take pictures, I’d be happy to help out and maybe exchange my efforts for gaining experience alongside a seasoned flipper. Feel free to reach out! Thanks again.