Initial Marketing Plan

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I'm just starting out looking for houses to fix and flip.  My marketing budget for the year is $6000.  My plan is to send out 1000 postcards every five weeks and get a website.  Also, I plan to take any money I make from deals and put it back into marketing.  What would you do in my situation.  I'm looking for suggestions.

Hello @John Reynolds !

Sounds like you have a solid marketing budget, and a great plan to continue marketing as you make deals. This is a marketing business after all!

While social media may be the future in a lot of cases, I would have to disagree with that being your biggest platform. In a study from 2016, 70% of Americans said the believed mail was more personal than internet marketing. A physical piece of marketing still means something, even in 2018.

I would recommend, if you are going the direct mail route, to plan on sending different marketing pieces each time. Postcard, yellow letter, typed letter, sip letter, different postcard, etc. Potential sellers tend to throw away mail pieces that become too familiar. You want them to read your message each time, getting familiar with your name and how you can help them, so a different mail piece but with a similar message is best.

Due to BP rules, I'm not sure I am able to share the 6 month campaign I would recommend, however I would be happy to share if you are interested. Feel free to reach out!