Rehabbers and Flippers in Bloomington, IN / Monroe County??

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Hi all, I am a wholesaler in the Bloomington, IN area and through my direct mail and diving into the market here I have found a lot of buy and hold investors but have only come into contact with 1 or 2 house flippers. As a wholesaler the majority of homes I found are more in a flippers wheel house so I was just wondering if anyone knew someone in the area who was interested in flipping! Kinda hoping some people are using the keywords here and will reach out haha 

Also if you are a flipper, how do you find most of your deals and how do wholesalers get in touch with you?

@Wes Short I primarily deal with buy and holds in the Bloomington area, but have done some flips in (one in progress right now). So if you have a good prospect, I’m always open to looking at any good opportunities you have. Thanks, Marc

I am interested if the opportunity is right obviously.   Feel free to reach out with some basic details on the properties.  I really like South/East side bloomington.... I don't want anything west of 37 or in Ellettsville.  I like a short commute to home 

Traditional home buyers with families are either fighting flippers for the homes we would buy or seeing homes that the flippers have now priced out of the neighbor hood. What should we do when these homes are priced out of the neighborhood? And how can we beat a flipper when making our offers? 

The market is saturated with flippers who have driven many poor home owners out of neighborhoods and decades old family homes once they can no longer afford the taxes.

Families can't even get in to see a house the day it is listed because there are already multiple cash offers and the banks take them and don't give the families a fair chance.

Trying to buy a home for my family in Monroe County, and the price we can afford, but newly listed homes that may need the smallest amount of work … NO chance for us. It's gone before we get to even look at it!

Housing supply and demand is so out of balance. Owner occupied purchases should get first priority over investors and flippers. Flippers are just adding to the cost of housing in this area. People that want to buy homes to live in should get first chance.