How many properties do you flip a year?

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House flippers! How many houses do you generally flip per year? I'm sure it varies but what are some realistic expectations of yours? Are you doing it full time or do you work a side job? What kind of return is your goal from each flip? New to real estate but looking into the possibilities!

It isnt how many flips per year it is how much is made per flip. For example, two of my flips one I made over 600k and another close to 273k. Both were in hot markets. 600k I sold for low to get rid of very quick. I bought for 685k with arv 1.5mil to 1.6. Obviously that was funded 100% lender had nothing to lose . those two deals alone are equal to what most make in a dozen or so deals. Many get hung up on how many. Less deals less headaches. Funny thing my last 5 deals have been deals that dnt stand out. Didnt have high grass etc. They were in great neighborhoods where other investors kept driving pass. I have a keen eye. I can tell if something is up with a deal. I showed a few in my area and two other markets. One lady was really down on her luck. She made almost 330k,her first and only deal. That was the highlight of my short realestate career,only been in for a few years.

@Landon Belk answers to your question will be different depending on many circumstances. For my situation, in my market, my business partner and I do about 5-7 flips per year and target 20-25% profit margin, which we then split 50/50 between ourselves. This is a part-time endeavor for us, so 5-7 is manageable. And I much prefer to look at profit %'s rather than dollars, because it lets you analyze very different projects against each other and against very different alternative uses of your cash. Best of luck as you embark on your REI journey!