Starting at ground zero

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Hello everyone! My husband and I are at the best financial place we’ve ever been and we are wanting to put our extra $ into real estate investing. I am ready ro dive in head dirst, however, my husband is a little more shy about pulling the trigger. We lIve In the country, ao houaea are scarce, but they ARE out there I knIw It!! I have scoured multiple sources for opportunities, but haven’t found much. I’ve also asked our real estate agent to send us listing. Any suggestions for a VERY NEW BEGINNER? I currently do daycare and I am ready to move on as I’m sure some of you can imagine HA! We would love for this to be something we could do full time. Thank you in advance for any input you can give!

I would recommend that you and your husband continue to get educated about real estate investing. When you say that you are ready to dive in, what are you looking to do? A rental property? Wholesaling? Lease options? There are a multitude of strategies in the investing space. I would suggest that you also become clear on your goals with your husband together. It is important to have each other's support and share the same vision.