House age related problems

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Hi everyone, I was wondering what are some typical problems/ things you budget for based on the age of the house when renovating. For example, lead paint, asbestos, lead pipes, etc.


Mechanicals, heating, cooling, septic or sewer, water source and piping, electrical and upgrades and roofing for a few. Also foundations and basement conditions. Check windows and doors for leaks, as well as type of windows. Is it insulated? Are there any unknown openings that will allow critters to get in? My house was built in 1879 and I think with old houses you really have to check out the electric carefully, if it was upgraded in the 1960's, you'll need to have that checked. Do chimney's need to be repointed? Just a few things I can think of at the moment.

If you're new, I would highly recommend having an experienced inspector/appraiser or general contractor evaluate the property for and with you at first. You can lose your tale in older properties if you do not know what you're doing.