BRRRR Strategy- Strawberry Mansion (Philadelphia)

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Hello BP Folks, New to BP community and looking for insight on BRRRR investment strategy in the Strawberry Mansion section of Philadelphia, PA. My primary residence is in the neighboring zip code 19130 so pretty familiar with the area. Curious if any local (or out of state) BP folks have experience in the area and what pockets of Strawberry Mansion they targeted and ultimately invested in? Any other insight appreciated as well, thanks!

Hey James, There have been a few postings about Strawberry Mansion lately but I'll relay what I've said before. Some of my investors who do section 8 rentals like this area due to it's proximity to Brewerytown and Fairmount Park. You can buy a sizeable house for around 30-35k pretty easily, and with section 8 you are automatically getting most of your rent due every month. I don't really think this area is for new investors even though purchase prices are low, but if done correctly, you can definitely cash flow out there. Hopefully the area will start to boom as Brewerytown/hardwood start getting priced out!