First Manufactured Rehab - 55+ Need some RENO TIPS on Finishes!!

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My partner and I are in the process of getting bids for work to be completed on a Manufactured home purchase. Can be seen here.  I'm having the paneling painted, install flooring, hvac, roof or roof over, new vanities, toilets, possibly drywall bathrooms. My questions are more around the finishes that are wanted/expected in a Manufactured home. This is a 55+ to live community so that's where I scratch my head a little. Hard flooring is not easy on the legs so if I'm planning to go with a laminate or vinyl should I limit this to the main living areas and stick to carpet for the bedrooms?  

I'm treating this for the most part like our SFH flips but obviously some things are different, but at the end of the day I want a move-in ready product that targets the right demographic/buyer for a Manufactured property and park.

Appreciate any input or advice!!! 

@Dane Peterson The best guide will be the other mobile homes around you.  

Here in MA, we actually have some parks that approach “luxury” status.  Very nice homes, some in the $300s with monthly fees around $850.

We have others of course that are mid and low range.

I’d advise refinishing to the prevailing standards in whatever park you’re in.

@Charlie MacPherson Great tip and something that hasn't been much help in this community. There isn't much consistency in comps for the size we have besides knowing it needs to be livable. But hey, we knew getting in to this type of property there would be a little bit of a learning process. Some properties keep the old dark paneling others paint. Some carpet, tile or plank.