1 mininsplit ac air handler - 2 bedrooms?

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Hi - I’m looking to install a mini split system in a small house (650 sq ft). I was planning on having 1 air handler in the open living room and kitchen area. There are 2 small bedrooms, side by side, and I was wondering if it was possible to mount a second air handler on the common wall that passed through the wall, sit half of the air handler was in each room, rather than running 2 oversized handlers to each room.  Anyone tried this?

@Bruce C. I hear that.  I bought a house with 4 window units and the first thing I did was install central air.  Mini splits are expensive so I was just thinking since the house is only 650sq ft why not just cut 2 vent holes above each door to bedrooms.  I've seen that done as well.   That way the whole house in theory should be the same temperature.