Ideas for Ugly Fireplace

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Rip it all out and put in a new electric fireplace like this one.

Or, reface the ugly tile on front, box out the top so it is a square/rectangle, and then drywall it. You could add some stacked stone to face it which would look fantastic as well.

@John De La Garza in san antonio I doubt anyone would miss the fireplace...and from the pic it looks like it takes up too much space. How big and how many living spaces? I would consider removing it and buying a nice entertainment center with electric fireplace under the tv to show the place. Price to be cheaper than installing one in the wall and it can be moved ir removed by the new owners. I removed a big corner limestone fireplace and my neighbirs did too on 2000sq ft homes. The fireplace imo would look more normal and tv mountable with the top reframed and hung with drywall to match the bottom dimensions ...or shiplap. I have resurfaced a brick fireplace with slate. Yours might look good with heavy looking stone tile on bottom and shiplap on top. Houzz has lots of fireplace ideas.

I tend to agree with the rip it all out, but could be a can of worms depending on how the flue is constructed, I.e, is it masonry or is it steel stovepipe. 

Otherwise if I was me I would build a relatively simple built-in adjustable shelf unit above and alongside the fireplace with veneer plywood and a simple face frame (using a kreg pocket hole jig), perhaps with a tv recess, and maybe dress up the mantle with some off the shelf moldings from HD. Mask off the fireplace and surrounding floors and walls with plastic and spray the whole thing with an HVLP. That would probably be cheaper to do than demoing the fireplace and patching the wall and floor.