Is there a list of most things ever needed in a rehab?

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Hi All, 

Is there a list anyone can share that has pretty much everything that may need to get done on a rehab? I just picked up a 6 unit and need to rehab it. It would be super helpful to have a gantt chart that I could create for each unit or the overall job and select from the list just what needs to be done, get it in the right order and then try to keep my GC on track. This will be my biggest project to date so I really want to get and stay organized. 

Thanks everyone. 

Typically for Gantt Schedules I only schedule the major items and don't get into the details of each project task...

Here are the major items I typically put on my Gantt Schedules.

  1. Construction Start
    1. Order Dumpster
  2. Exterior Work
    1. Roofing
    2. Siding
    3. Exterior Doors
    4. Windows
    5. Exterior Painting
    6. Decks/Patios
    7. Concrete Flatwork
    8. Site Cleanup
    9. Landscaping
  3. Interior Work
    1. Demolition
    2. Framing
    3. HVAC Rough-in
    4. Plumbing Rough-in
    5. Electrical Rough-in
    6. Rough-in Inspection
    7. Hang and Finish Drywall
    8. Cabinetry
    9. Interior Doors & Trim
    10. Interior Painting
    11. Bathroom Finishes
    12. Countertops
    13. Tiling
    14. Hardwood Flooring
    15. Electrical Finish Work
    16. HVAC Finish Work
    17. Plumbing Finish Work
    18. Appliances
    19. Carpeting
    20. Cleanup
  4. Punchlist
  5. Staging
  6. Listing Day

I wanted to say thank you also, David. While I've done quite a bit of rehab on my rentals, I've been trying to find my first flip. While I was looking, I was wondering, what do you do first, etc. This is a big help!

My compliments to you too David for taking the time to share your great list.  Jeb, I would also recommend taking Karen's advice about the two books she mentioned (sţill available on this site I believe).