What's your top ten steps to rehabbing and flipping

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Pick up the BiggerPockets books, "The Book on Flipping Houses."

It is a step-by-step guide -- 20 steps laid out in 20 chapters...

If you just want 10 steps, you can skip every other chapter...  ;-)


Roof condition

Floor structural

Plumbing repairs and plan upgrades

Electrical basics and plan upgrades. Hvac etc 

Repair walls damages

Fix and paint ceilings

Paint walls

New or upgrade flooring 

Look at and “fix” curb appeal

Decide to rent or flip

That’s my basic 10 .  Each level can go in any direction and any depth of repairs or upgrades depending on your market. Mine is basic ,clean affordable no frills housing. 

And for j scott’s Benefit I’m going to have to buy that book someday when I have time to sit down and read it. I am too busy rehabbing . I am waiting on the book On tape, cd or what ever form us “Old guys” use.

1. Make sure you are buying at 70%-Repairs

2.-Fix in the following order, some steps can be combined.

    2.1 Foundation

    2.2 Roof

    2.3 Electrical

    2.4 Plumbing

    2.5 AC

    2.6 Exterior Painting or Siding Work and Windows

    2.7 Drywall, Texture Paint.

    2.8 Flooring and any tile work.

    2.9 Doors, Trims.

    2.10 Install all fixtures.

    2.11 Install or Refinish Kitchen Cabinets.

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