how to find a good handyman or plumber

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I’m just getting started and I know I’ll have to fix up things on any property, so I’m starting with my own. I can certainly google “Handyman in Bellevue, Washington” but I am sure there is a better way to find a handyman, electrician, plumber etc.

Thanks for any suggestions

You can try checkatrade or mybuilder they are good sites that are based on user feedback. I have used checkatrade for my renovations. Not a guarantee of no issues or reasonable prices of course. I found a big difference between high rated contractors on checkatrade when it comes to price. Depends on if they want to do the work or if they have a lot on at the moment and other factors. 

Hello Stacy!  I would probably start off with referrals from other builders/remodelers.  I would not trust what I saw on the internet.  I was in the construction business for about 30 years so I have a little experience.  You can also get referrals from homeowners who have recently remodeled.  I would get several bids and judge them by their input.  Good luck!