My first flip - 99% complete - link to pictures

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It's been a long time since I posted.

This is the house I bought for $31k. I will list it next week for $97 or $99.

The flip for the most part went well. Only issue I had was getting the power turned on. Sense there was a fire in the bathroom, we needed several inspections etc and that took a awhile. I am right on budget of about $15k to rehab.

I am waiting for my tile guy to get the tub surround completed. Then plumber will come back and then I am done.

Check out the website I have set up. Still needs some editing but you will get the point of it.


Let me know what you think!

Sure looks good to me. I love the bathroom vanity. Looks very rich. I would put hardware on the kitchen cabinets. Also the spacing on deck rail ballisters looks wide to me, but it's hard to tell from a picture. Should not be more than 4". Good luck to you. Looks great.

Nice job man!! Kitchens and baths sell the home, and you did a nice job on both! I wish ya all the luck in the world sellin it! :mrgreen:

P.S. I LOVE the black iron pipe around the AC unit, so nobody steals it! LOL!

It was a foreclosure. It was owned by the city of Richmnd.

I was told about it by a realtor. He specializes in working with investors. I am not sure how I found him. Just network, network, network.

Wow nice job, the home looks really nice. Looks like you will end up with a great profit if you end up selling near your list price. Just wondering did you contract all the work out or did you do work yourself?

Best of luck!

Nice Job Jason! I like the site and how it breaks down what you did to the house. That site would certainly appeal to me if I was a retail buyers (...but BP has taught me better than that!)

Are you paying to host the site?

Looks great Jason,
I am new in the rehabbing/flipping too so I enjoy looking at other projects. I like the emphasis on the kitchen and bath.

You may want to flip the hinges and handle on the fridge so it swings open the other way.

Sorry for my slow reply.

The deck posts are 3 3/4 apart. So I am good.

I thought the same thing about the fridge door. However, I have never done that and don't plan on paying someone to do it either.

I used a plumber I know from a BNI group I was in previously. Total for plumbing was $450
I used an electrician I know personally and socially. Total electrical was about $600.
New drywall for the bath was $700 for all green board.
New Heat Pump, air handler and con sensor was $2,800. 2 ton York.
Carpet and vinyl was also $2800.
I did all demo, prep and painting myself.
Kids and I did everything else.
Had fun together and they learned new things and best of all they think I can do anything.

I will create another shutter fly page with before and after. The site is free since my wife has an account for kids pictures ets.

Thank you all for your comments.

The HVAC cage was $160 installed.

About the pricing. This is not a good part of town. This is in the city and not the best schools. I went for this property because of the "deal" I could get it for.

When I told about this property I drove by and the house next door was listed for $129k. This was not on MLS and I was told they would take $30k. It had replacement windows and the roof looked good. Inside had newer cabinets the main issue was there had been a fire in the bathroom. This did not scare me at all.

So I offered the $30k. Of course they countered with $39k. I told the agent, that " they told him $30k. I said tell them I will give them $1k more. That it's a 3 bed no bath, no one can live there. Let them know if they want more that 31 then they want it more than I do. Last offer. ". He called back within 30 minutes.

I will try to post before pictures and will post another post.


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