Hardwood vs lvt or laminate

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I’m rehabbing a house in Atlanta with a 300arv and running through some ideas to save and not go over budget.

Has anyone refinished hardwoods downstairs and added a matching lvt or laminate upstairs?

If so wondering if you received any negative reviews or pushback from doing so.

If it were me, I would do hardwood throughout. Or install carpet upstairs, and refinish the wood floors on the bottom level. In my market, a home with an ARV of 400k shouldnt have laminate flooring. If it is a multi-family, that's a different story.

Hi Sam,

Refinishing and matching with laminate or LVT sounds horrible.  It is going to turn out bad.  Nothing worst than showing a house to clients and see two different types of wood material.  If you are doing that I rather see carpet upstairs.  This way the transition looks better.   This is for a flip right? 

@Sam P.

It never matches well enough, Sam. I'd definitely go with @Brian Ellis 's and @Frank Wong 's suggestions, too. The only sort of thing that I've had SOME luck with that is wood-look tile, and that's in a cheap rental and by the back stairs of the place.

I would do engineered hardwood that matches the hardwood you already have. We are doing a flip and have the opposite problem. Our upstairs has the nice hardwood and the main floor hardwood is a mess. I guess a lot of it depends on your budget and market.

Either do something totally different upstairs like carpet or install matching hardwood floors.  It flows better, doesn't look like an afterthought and pricing for standard hardwood with refinishing is not too bad.