Good or bad idea to show before & after pics of a flip?

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Took a rough looking house from 20's/30's & transformed it into beautiful home. Would love to make before/after pics public. I know it would look good for "branding" our work but not sure if that would help or hinder sale of home.

Personally I really enjoy before and after exterior photos. It showcases the curb appeal, and justifies the price you listed the property for. I don't think it hinders potential home buyers if they know the house was old to being with.  

I don't let buyers see the house before completion, show pre-rehab pictures, or proactively talk about the rehab (other than "fully renovated/restored in 201X").  Aside from investors, a messed up house scares people.  They don't want pimple cream...they want the pimple free face.  If you preserved historic features, it will be apparent and should be noted.  The product should speak for itself and you don't want the old images in their head.  One exception would be pleasant images of the house in it's hey day or old blueprints found in the house, etc.  This is about the buyer, not the seller.